Roundone Form Builder lets you create custom forms with multiple options. Using this Form Builder you can create forms for various needs:

  • Questionnaires
  • Contact forms
  • Polls
  • Support ticket forms
  • Personal data forms
  • Any other

You can add unlimited fields to your forms and set verification types for these fields.A wide collection of field types lets you select from text, e-mail field types, as well as set fields with dropdowns, radiobuttons and checkboxes. You can also select the required and optional fields and set minimum or/and maximum text size for your text fields. Besides all this, you can add a Captcha (with a reset button or not), and edit your message delivery notification text.

Below is an example of a Questionnaire created with Roundone Form Builder, easy and fast!

A sample Questionnaire about pets:

[contactform formname=”questionnaire_743148660424538100″ email=””]